1Way Tax Services LLC specializes in accounting and tax services. With operations in the United States, our mission is to offer a close and personalized service, valuing trust and competence in all stages of the process.
1Way stands out for its excellence and commitment to helping our customers thrive in their businesses. With a team of highly qualified specialists, we are ready to offer the best accounting and tax solutions in accordance with US government laws.
We stand out by being in close proximity to our clients and delivering customized service. Each client is treated in a unique way and receives specialized advice, adapted to their specific needs. Our goal is to be the accessible accountant, a reliable partner who is at your side, guiding and taking care of the management of your business.
With our extensive knowledge of tax and accounting complexities, we deliver a top-notch service that guarantees compliance with existing laws and regulations.

About Us

15+ Years of Excellence in the United States: The best choice for Accounting and Tax Services

• With a degree in Business Administration and Accounting, Marcia has over 30 years of experience in the accounting, tax and auditing areas in Brazil and the USA.
• She was transferred to Florida by a multinational company, where she worked in the tax and accounting department for Latin America.
• Over the last 15 years, she has used her extensive experience and accounting knowledge in Brazil and the United States to assist Brazilian investors, resident or not, in tax planning, bookkeeping and income tax preparation, helping these companies to solidify and prosper in the American market.
• Driven by her deep passion for her work, Marcia is fully committed to providing her clients with a service of exceptional quality and unwavering responsibility. Her dedication knows no bounds as she surpasses to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for her valued clientele.
• As CEO of 1Way, her primary focus is on delivering accessibility and personalized service to customers. She is dedicated to ensuring that customers have easy access and receive personalized attention that meets their specific needs.

Marcia Salvador – CEO founder - 1Way Tax Services

Our aim is to establish ourselves as a leading company in the accounting sector, renowned for delivering efficient tax benefits to our clients. We achieve this through our profound expertise, personalized service, and unwavering commitment. Accessibility is at the core of our philosophy as we strive to provide solutions and ensure the highest quality in all processes.

Aim to be recognized as the pinnacle of exceptional service, going above and beyond to cater to the unique needs of each customer. Providing comprehensive guidance and steadfast support to our clients throughout all tax-related procedures, ensuring strict adherence to the laws governed by the US government. Contributing to the prosperity and expansion of their businesses, promoting their success and growth.



Ethics and professionalism are paramount in every action we undertake. We approach all processes with unwavering commitment and a sincere dedication to excellence. Our service is characterized by personalization, agility, and expertise. We hold great respect for deadlines, ensuring timely delivery. Accessibility is crucial to us, as we strive to be readily available to address customer requirements. We continuously pursue improvement, aiming to provide services of the highest quality. The security of customer information is our priority, and we rely on integrated systems to ensure confidentiality and data protection.


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About Us

Count on us as your affordable and reliable accountant. We are committed to your success and ready to provide personalized solutions to drive your business growth.